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Дата приєднання: 14 трав. 2022

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0xc000007b Download [April-2022]




Download the latest version of.NET Framework  . If your system is 32-bit, select . If your system is 64-bit, select . Open the downloaded file, extract the file, and click Install. Solution 2: Download Visual C++ Visual C++ Solution 3: Download Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Installer Visual Studio installer Solution 4: Remove 0xc000007b & Remove Epic Games Launcher Find and open the Epic Games Launcher application. Click the small arrow next to the field that says Use the following location. Remove the application in the list. Find and remove the application on your computer. Solution 5: Update/Download Windows 10 & Windows Server 2019 Windows Update (Recommended) Windows Update can update Windows 10 to the latest version. After the update, it'll install the latest drivers for your devices. Windows Update Solution 6: Update or downgrade to the latest Windows 10 version Please select . Windows Insider Program (Recommended) After updating to the latest Windows 10, you can also check for Windows Update and install all the latest updates. Windows Update Solution 7: Set to High Performance Settings – > System – > System – > Advanced System Settings – > Performance – > set Startup and Recovery – > set Performance. Solution 8: Rename Epic Games Launcher to something else and restart . Solution 9: Create a new account, sign-in with a new user name, then delete the old Epic Games Launcher account and sign in with the new one. Remove the application from the account. Sign in with a new account, and delete the old Epic Games Launcher account. Solution 10: Remove 0xc000007b manually & Re-install the application that require it Open the Epic Games Launcher application and click on "Settings" and then click "Remove the application". Click "Install" and then search for the application that required 0xc000007b.dll. Select the app, then click "Install". Go back to "Settings" and then "Reinstall". Solution 11: Fix Application Error 0xc000007b in other applications Look at the problem and if it's your application, contact the application developer and ask what's wrong with your application. If it's not your application, contact the developer. Find the problematic application on your computer and right click. Choose "Pro