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Suckers are the 8-legged equivalent of beetles, and a surprising number of them are important pests of human foodstuffs. They are most commonly found in the fresh produce category, where they feed on produce at just the right time to cause injury or spoilage. They feed on plant tissue by producing an enzyme, cutinase, which enables them to dig their way through the outer cuticle. This enzyme breaks down the plant's cell walls, causing swelling, and the cells burst or deteriorate. Some varieties of sucker will also feed on other forms of plant matter, such as stems and leaves. Cucumber sucker feeding on cilantro, summer garden Red bell pepper sucker, eating eggplant Sucker on beet Suckers are generally small (around ¼ inch) and clear. They often have a distinctive head and a pair of small appendages on their back. The ventral side of the sucker is often completely black, while the dorsal side is a bright yellow or white. They can appear similar to other mites, but are too small to crawl up and onto your hand. Suckers can be distinguished from similar-looking mites by looking for the characteristic head. Control Use caution when working with suckers, as they are easy to transfer onto your hands. Clean your hands and tools after each use. Some growers recommend trying to spray as soon as you see a sucker, but we prefer to let them work their way through the crops, and to plan accordingly. It is particularly important to keep a keen eye out for them on eggplant, melons, peppers, and tomatoes. Pumpkins and watermelons are more susceptible to attack. Suckers are commonly found on green tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, and peppers. When you see one, place it in a small dish or container of water and observe it. If it is mobile, it is a sucker. (This can be hard to tell until the sucker is mature, and the legs are fully extended.) As suckers mature, they will eat and lay eggs, and you may find more suckers than you originally saw. Growers have reported that pumpkin and melon growers often see more suckers than anyone else. To reduce the amount of suckers in a pumpkin or melon patch, the grower should remove large and dead leaves as they are pulled out of the patch. This will allow the suckers to leave. Keep in mind that




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